2-, 3- and 4-Point Cam Adapter


3-point cam adapter is an alternative to a 2-point rod control and 3-point cam as shown see product system 1-102 and 2-150. This system also gives a third possibility:
• Raised rod stubs WITH 90° stop. These raised rod stubs are necessary for all swinghandles, enabling the lower rod passing over the lowercap (see product system 2-100.01). Moreover also shorter and special cams can be applied.
• 4-point cam adapter: with additional linkage.
• For those applications, where beyond the standard control of 2 locking rods,an additional rod can be used (e.g. controlling a switch or defeatermechanism).
• Attention: H-dimension of cam (C) increases by 4mm / 0.157. E.g. cam 200-0418 results in an H-dimension of 22mm / 0.866. Please pay attention to the screw length: screw should enter at least 6mm / 0.236.



• 3-point cam adapter and 4-point cam adapter: zinc die, zinc plated

Wersje produktu: 307-9302.00-00000 307-9305.00-00000 307-9304.00-00000 200-3601.03-00000 200-3602.03-00000