Slide Shoe for Cams




Slide shoe for cams, 2 parts, consisting of housing and latch.

• Matching cams as of 35 mm, steel product system 1-102 and stainless steel product system 7-080, in combination with a 3-point-cam adapter product system 2-151 it matches 3-point cam applications as well.
• Not suitable for 3-point cams of product system 2-150 and 1-102.
• No abrasion of the metal of the clamping surface resp. cam and therefore safety concerning electronic built-in components (risk of short circuits in computer, server etc.).
• Good gliding properties, therefore low friction coefficient, no fretting of the material.
• Prevents the surface from being scratched.
• Tool-less assembly and disassembly. The housing will be hold at the slope of the cam and being fixed to the latch.
• The assembly will be carried out with the already installed Quarter-turn, it is possible to retrofit at any time (please take the H-dimension into consideration).
• Separable after durability (recyclable).
• Caution: The H-dimension diminishes by 2mm. E.g. cam 200-0418 (H-dimension 18mm) results into an H-dimension of 16mm.
• Vibration-proof.



• Slide shoe: POM, natural