Rod Guide




Rod guide with adjustable height for round rods.
• To compensate production tolerances or if sealing has set, the rod guide can be adjusted in height by a slotted insert.
• Depending on stud-length and door bending, the rod can be adjusted by +/- 5mm.
• Screw driver blade size max. 12x2mm.
• With this rod guide even completely pre-assembled rod latch systems (3-point cam, round rods, rollers and rod guides) can be installed, because the rod guide can be screwed onto the thread of the weld studs by turning the threaded sleeve.
• Rod Guide for 8mm round rods.
• Screwed onto a 6mm weld stud or countersunk screw M6.
• The round shape of the hole allows free swivelling even with very short rods.



• Rod Guide: PA, black
• Adjusting Sleeve: steel, zinc plated
• Snap ring: stainless steel, untreated