Rod Guide RS




Rod Guide for 8mm(0.315) round rods, for high-speed assembly on weld-stud.
• Quick assembly without tools push on to weld-stud M6x16-20mm.
• In order to ensure an optimal application of force, the Rod Guide must be installed as shown in the  figure below.
• When the Rod Guide is pushed onto the threaded stud from the side, a clearly audible "click" of the spring jaws will be heard to indicate correct positioning.
• Visual inspection possible from above through openings.
• Completely pre-assembled rod latches (including 3-point cam, round rod, rollers and rod guide) can also be mounted with this rod guide, as the rod guide is simply pushed over the weld stud.
• The rod guide can be removed from the threaded stud by inserting a flat head Screwdriver, pushing the jaws apart and sliding the rod guide out.



• Rod guide: PA6
• Pull-off forces up on request.