Slam-Cam for Slam Doors. Locking without key or tool.
• To a): The Teflon washer replaces the wave washer underneath the insert.
• Used with all Quarter-Turns and inserts according.
• To a1): Slam-Cam with free-stroke for applications with cylinder locks and handles.
• A Slam-Cam set consists of a cam, a spring and M6x10 hex screw with underhead serrations self securing powder dot.
• This self securing powder dot is to tune / adjust the correct friction for the stroke.
• The screw supplied with the handle is not required.
• Attention:
On request, latch units with this cam should be assembled by DIRAK. A pre-assembled Quarter-Turn can be installed through the cutout.




a) and a1)
• Slam-cam: zinc die, chrome plated
• Spring: steel, zinc plated
• Spacer: POM

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