Swinghandles RS PrC


Swinghandle for 3-point cams/round rods.
• Falt design.
• Swinghandle countersunk with 90° closing rotation.
• The pre-assembled swinghandle (single or 3-point cam) can be inserted from the back into the cutout and secured with screws.
• The screws supplied with the swinghandle enable it to be installed in sheet-metal panels with thicknesses up to 3mm (drawn 2mm).
• Limiting stop at 90°.
• RH and LH application is achieved by the rotating bottom.
• Water- and dust-tight according to IP65 DIN EN 60529 through captive sealing.
• Swinghandle can be locked with a round cylinder DIRAK 1333 with stainless steel dust cap.
• Key with synthetic-coated grip.
Attention: Housing length 20mm (0.787inch).
• Attention: H-dimension of cam≥16mm (0.630inch).





• Swinghandle, shaft and bottom: zinc die, untreated 
• Door dish: PA6, black
• Cam: zinc die, untreated
• O-Ring: NBR
• Seal: TPE
• Screws and clamp: steel, zinc plated