Concealed Hinge Pr03 SNAP-LINE 130°


130° Hinge SNAP-LINE, concealed, for H.D. applications.
• RH or LH application.
• By pulling the pin upwards (or downwards), the door-part of the hinge is released and the door can be removed.
• No tools needed. Just push the door onto the pin of the frame-part.
• The pin engages to the wire springs at the frame-part and so it is capitve.
• Depending on the shown options, the captive pin is pre-assembled from the top or upside-down.
• The frame-part is installed by a simple push into the cutout.
• The O-ring for IP65 DIN EN 60529 is included.
• Front release with a screwdriver (blade size 0.354x0.059 inch). Release from behind: use the standard DIRAK tool for uninstallation.
• Version with removable door-part: refer to product system 4-124SL.
• Stainless steel version see product system 7-164SL.



• Frame-part: zinc die, untreated
• Door-part and slider: zinc die, zinc plated
• Pin: steel, zinc plated
• Snap wedges: sintered metal, plated
• O-Ring: NBR