Reinforcement Plate for SNAP-LINE Cutout


Reinforcement plate for SNAP-LINE. For using the D-SNAP technology in thin-walled sheets and for higher loads. The reinforcement plate is placed behind the cutout.
• For cutouts 30x8mm, 30x10mm, 30x14mm and 30x15mm.
• Installation of the reinforcement plate without tools together with the SNAP-LINE product by a simple push into the appropriate cutout.
• At the same time or later.
• This provides a vibration-proof connection of the reinforcement plate with the SNAP-LINE product.
• One side angled to be used at bendings.
• The clamping range S results in sheet thickness and reinforcement plate. Example: Sheet thickness 1mm + reinforcement plate 2mm = 3mm clamping range S.
• Can also be used for the uninstallation of SNAP-LINE products with the a.m. cutouts.


• Reinforcement plate: steel, zinc plated

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