Compression Latch PHZ with Lock Cover


This patented unique compression latch PHZ combines design and functionality and provides a smooth closing action.
• An ergonomically designed lock cover and magnet supprted cylinder flap..
• Innovative locking solution on the inside of the door as a single point latch.
• The key inserted into the profile-cylinder opens and closes the lock according to DIN 18252.
• Closing- and opening operation 180°.
• The key is removable only in the locked position.
• 1300N of force at the latching point.
• Grounding with set screw DIN 914 (incl.).
• Water- and dust-tight according to IP65 DIN EN 60529.
• Version DIN RH (as shown). Version DIN RH on request.





• Housing, housing cover, slider: zinc die, zinc plated
• Lock cover: zinc die, matt chrome plated
Other surfaces on request!
• Clamp: zinc die, untreated
• Seal for cylinder flap CR
• Roller: POM, black
• Washer, tetaining clip, fastening screws and set screw: steel, zinc plated
• Shoulder bolt: stainless steel
• Gear cover: PA6, black
• O-rings: NBR, black


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