Hygiene Compression Latch



-Specially developed stainless steel Hygiene Compression Latch (HD, Hygienic Design) with insert square SW13.       
-Insert and cam are certified for direct contact with food (inside and outside of the enclosure).    
-Mechanism and screwing completely encapsulated.
-Tested according to: GS-NV 2:2013/06 Principles for the testing of food processing Machines GS-NV 6:2013/06 Principles for the testing of hygiene requirements. Machine Ordinance DIN EN 1672-2:2009.
-DGUV Test Certificate NV 13090
-Main area of application is the food and hygienic sector.
-Dirt resistant and easy to clean by means of polished surface and transition radii.
-Compression 4mm.
-Vibration-proof according.
-RH and LH version
-The Compression Latch is delivered with assembled cam.
-Can be installed completely
- 1) Operation.

-Housing, insert, nut, cam:
 stainless steel AISI 316L
-Seal: silicone, blue, FDA conform
 (Food and Drug Administration)