Quarter-Turn with L-Handle Pr20.1 L18


Quarter-turn with L-handle for padlock with cylinder barrel or spring-loaded slotted insert.

• Screw-in type, RH or LH application.
• Water- and dust-tight according to IP65 DIN EN 60529.
• This L-Handle consists of two basic parts which can be combined to suit your application.
• On request parts can be assembled by DIRAK.
• A pre-assembled Quarter-Turn can be installed in the cutout.
• Padlock feature only if cam is at 90° to the handle.
• The system enables an easy (without any tool or device) swap of cylinder, barrel to slotted insert (vice versa).



• L-handle: zinc die, black
• Housing: zinc die, zinc plated
• Slotted insert: zinc die, chrome plated
• Cylinder barrel: zinc die, with stainless dust cap
• Cam: steel, zinc plated

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