Compression Latch Pr.22.1



-Compression Latch with spring loaded flap.
-Compression 6mm.    
-Vibration-proof according to DIN EN 61373
-The flap is standing upright (90°) in unlocked position.    
-The open flap indicates locking position and protects against dust and water.  -The spring loaded flap first closes, when Compression Latch is closed securely.
-On request available with reflecting sticker on the inside.
-RH and LH version.
-Grounding by single sided grounding nut.
-The installation depth in open position is 38mm.
-The H-dimension can be varied by the cranking of the cams.  

-Housing, flap and insert: zinc die,  black
-Grounding nut: zinc die,   untreated
-Screw, nut and spring:   stainless steel
-O-Rings: NBR



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