Dual Cylinder Swinghandle RS 105




-Dual cylinder swinghandle with pivotable operating lever.        
-Fully insulated for installation in plastic cabinets.    
-Two profile cylinder allow opening by each cylinder without unlocking the other one.     
-Profile cylinders with lengths of 40 and 45mm can be used.        
-Latch bolt securely locked against unauthorized opening by metal sheet.    
-Cylinder cover strengthened by two rips.     
-Sealable by holes in the cover.      
-Upgrading with steel insert (saw protection) possible.        
-Water- and dust-tight according to IP65 DIN EN 60529.        
-Two different latch bolt versions are available:      
a) Latch bolt with chamfer. Closing is possible if key is removed.
b) Latch bolt with detent. Detent requires forced closing. Locking only possible by turning the key.

a) and b)
-Swinghandle and dish: PA, b-Latch bolt: stainless steel AI
c),c1) and d)
-3- and 2-point cam and roun
  steel , zinc plated
-Adapter: zinc die, zinc plated
  or PA, black
-Rod guide: PA, black
-Square adapter: PA , black
-Flat external seal: sponge rubber, pure