Dual Cylinder Swinghandle RS 130




Dual cylinder swinghandle with pivotable operating lever.     
Fully insulated for installation in plastic cabinets. Profile cylinders with lengths of 40 and 45mm can be used.     
Latch bolt securely locked against unauthorized opening by metal sheet.    Cylinder cover strengthened by two rips.  Sealable by holes in the cover.   
Upgrading with steel insert (saw protection) possible.     
Water- and dust-tight according to IP65  
DIN EN 60529.     Two different latch bolt versions are available:
a) Latch bolt with chamfer. Closing is possible if key is removed.    
b) Latch bolt with detent. Detent requires forced closing. Locking only possible by turning the key.

a) and b)
-Swinghandle and dish: PA, b-Latch bolt: stainless steel AI
c),c1) and d)
-3- and 2-point cam and roun
  steel , zinc plated
-Adapter: zinc die, zinc plated
  or PA, black
-Rod guide: PA, black
-Square adapter: PA , black
-Flat external seal: sponge rubber, pure