Swinghandle RS PrC SNAP-LINE


Swinghandle with pull-and-swing handle for profile-cylinders to DIN 18252.

• The 3 rotation-limit options allow single or multi-point cams with or without a rotation stop.
• 90° for RH doors with counter clockwise opening.
• 90° for LH doors with clockwise opening.
• 180° for RH and LH, clockwise and counter-clockwise opening.
• The rotation stop prevents a damaging over-rotation and brings the operating handle exactly in line with the dish-cavity preventing damaging of the dish.
• The IP65 according to DIN EN 60529 will be achieved by the lower internal sealing cap. Sealings are included.
• For further locking possibilities like KABA, DIRAK 1333, combination lock and padlock eye please contact DIRAK.


• Dish, handle, cover and cap: PA, black
• O-Rings: NBR Perbunan
• Hexagon nut and washer: steel, zinc plated
• Shaft: brass, untreated
• Snap wedges: sintered steel
• Dish: zinc die, untreated