Quarter-Turn with Handle SNAP-LINE


Quarter-Turn with high-quality bowed handle SNAP-LINE with cylinder or insert.
• The Housing for cylinder or insert can be turned by 90° and the handle can be used for RH/LH, horizontal and vertical applications.
• The handle can be equiped with cylinder or insert.
• The installation is effected by a simple push into appropriate cutouts. 
• Attention: H-dimension of the cam  ≥ 14mm (0.551)!
 Advice: In case of applying a cylinder the 3-point cam should not be used.





• Handle: zinc die, matt chrome plated
• Other surfaces on request.
• Housing: zinc die
• Snap wedges: sintered steel
• Grounding clip: stainless steel
• Cams: see c) and c¹)

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