Dustcap and Sealing Plug Pr20.1


 Dustcap for Quarter-turns
• For head ∅28mm to ∅32mm.
• To use for in- and outdoor.
• Advantage of version with TPU:.
• Temperature range from -40° to +80°C.
• Excellent resistance to pure mineral oils and greases.
• Suitable for temperate climate zones.


Sealing Plug for Housings of Quarterturns.
• For inner diameter ∅16.1mm.
• Please note: Only for outside triangular respectively square insert!
• The sealing plug prevents dirt, water and dust from entering the housing.



• Dustcap: PP or TPU, black
• Sealing Plug: NBR+PVC, black

Wersje produktu: 200-9425 7-080 ,7-150 ,1-102 ,1-262 1-153